⬤ Vertical Machining Center (VMC) 1no.
⬤ CNC Turn Mill Center 1no.
⬤ CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine with Online Inspection Facility 1no.
⬤ CNC Induction Hardning Machine 1no.
⬤ Cylindrical Grinding Machine 1no.
⬤ Traub Automat 1no.
⬤ Metal Gathering Machines ranging from 10kva to 30 kva. 7nos.
⬤ Cup Forging Machines with capacity 10 Tons. 3nos.
⬤ Head Forging Machines with capacity 20 Tons to 30 Tons. 3no.
⬤ Ball forging Machines with capacity 10 Tons to 20 Tons. 2nos.
⬤ Capstan Lathes 2nos.
⬤ Induction Hardening Machines 6nos.
⬤ Tempering Furnace 2nos.
⬤ Buffing Machine 1no.
⬤ Roll Marking Machines 2nos.
⬤ Centreless Grinding Machines with capacity of 100mm Ø 3nos.
⬤ Rotary Surface Grinder of 500mm Ø table . 3nos.
⬤ Crown Grinding Machine. 2no.
⬤ Component Washing Machine

Heat Treatment Facilities

⬤ Gas Carburising Furnace 125Kgs capacity (Electrical) 2no.
⬤ Oil & Water Quenching Tanks with Overhead Hoist 2nos.
⬤ Annealing Furnace 1no.
⬤ Tempering Furnace 1no.
⬤ Semi Automatic Speciman Moulding Machine 1no.
⬤ Belt Grinder for Sample Polishing 1no.
⬤ Surface Polishing Machine 1no.
⬤ Case Depth Etching 1no.
⬤ Microscope with Web Camera 1no.
⬤ Computer with Metalographix Software

Inspection and Testing Facility

⬤ Vertical Electronic Height Gauge 1no
⬤ FIE Microhardness Tester HV1 1no
⬤ Rockwell Hardness Tester with 15/30 kgs load 2nos.
⬤ Crack Detector with demagnetizing coil 2nos.
⬤ Profile Projector with screen dia 300mm Magnification ranging from 10 X to 50 X 1no.
⬤ Straightness checking fixtures 2nos.
⬤ Effective length checking fixtures. 2nos.
⬤ Gauges for checking cup and ball spherical radius. Assorted
⬤ Surface roughness tester.(Mitituyo) 1no.
⬤ Electronic weighing Machine with 50kg capacity. 1no.
⬤ Pull test equipment of 1000kgs capacity. 1no.
⬤ Air gauge for checking diameters. 5nos.

Common Facilities

⬤ Electrical Power Connection – 410 KVA 1no
⬤ Transformer – 325 KVA 1no
⬤ DG Set 63 Kva. 1no.
⬤ Air Screw Compressor 15HP 1no.
⬤ Sagar Center Lathe (HMTL 40) for Tool Making 1no.
⬤ Pillar Drilling Machine 1no.
⬤ Tool & Cutter Grinder. 1no.
⬤ Abrasive Cutoff Machine 2nos.
⬤ Cooling Towers & Pumps 2nos.
⬤ Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment 1no.
⬤ Automatic Strapping Machine for Boxes 1no.
⬤ Raw Material Storage Bins
⬤ ERP system with 12nodes
⬤ Training Hall for 50 Persons With Audio system & OHP
⬤ EPABX System 3 X 8 Lines